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I will be traveling outside the country and need to downsize our herd to a manageable level for my wife and kids. The does listed are not culls they are some of my best producers in normal circumstance most would never leave my farm. They are all excellent experienced mothers. No disease issues, have never been dewormed more then once a year, most have never been dewormed. I only trim hoofs 1-2x a year these does have lived up to that standard. They are all clean teats with good to great bags. It was a hard decision on who to let go, most of the time the deciding factors were who was born on the farm and balancing the genetic lines. Every one of these does will have their genetic line continued with a daughter or granddaughter. Please text, or you can leave a voicemail at 330-903-5621 for more information. I have been getting a lot of spam calls so I don't answer numbers I don't recognize.

Great mother, great udder, feet and producer. She has had twins the last three years. $700


Ariel is a yearling from a great genetic line she is a big framed doe. $650. SOLD

IMG_5673 - Copy.JPG

Mouse is a great mother great teats and feet she is a big framed doe who is mild mannered and somewhat friendly. $700


Dee is a first year big framed doe who will be a great producer. Her Dam is one of my top doe's. $550

IMG_5676 - Copy (2).JPG

Buttercup has been one of my top producers since 2018. Great mother, good teats and feet. She has been one of my doundation does but I need to cut down, I will be keeping several of her offspring. She still has some good years left and will be a great addition to any farm. $500


Sophia is one I want to keep but I have to make room. She is a medium framed doe, nice and thick with great udders and an excellent mother. $750 SOLD


Lillyrose is yearling medium framed short legged doe. $600


Brida is a good mother with great feed, udder. She is a medium framed doe that will be a great producer for a long time. $700 


Narry is a big framed yearling doe. I will be retaining her sister. $700 SOLD

IMG_5674 - Copy.JPG

Jazzy is a registered NZ, did great as a first time mother, great teats and feet no issues. $375


Ms Daisy did a great job as a first time mom, great teat and feet structure. She can be sold as commercial $350 or as a registered purebred kiko $500.


Big Girl is a big framed thick doe who is a good mother but does not have ideal teat structure so she wont be registered. She will make an excellent commercial doe. $300


Rolly is a yearling commercial Kiko doe with great teat and feet structure she did a great job as a first time mom. Commercial $300


Finny is out of Frosty and Gypsy King she has ideal teat structure good feet no issues. Commercial $300 or registered New Zealand $500. I will updated the photo once I get a better picture. There is nothing wrong with her backside lol.

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