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Herd Sires

RHK Strikes Gypsy King is our current Herd sire. He is packed full of great genetics, RDH Strikes Gold, SDR Zeus Sting Bear and SDR Pia Bear to name a few. He has the body composition we expect out of a herd sire. Broad chest, thick legs and meaty rump. He had his first kid crop in 2023. He hit it out of the park. On the WV23 performance buck test his sons placed 4th, 15th and 29th overall out of 217 buck from some of the top Goat farms in the country. His kids did outstanding with our on farm performance testing as well.  ​​


We purchased Magnum in the Summer of 2018. He combines Bullets fast growth and size with Pango Hua's parasite resistance. He is a 220 lb big meaty buck with proven genetics. He definitely meets all breed standards and is low maintenance. Magnum has been a game changer to our program. At the performance test, he had 2 sons place top 10 at Langston 2019 and 2 sons place top 10 overall at WV 2020 Buck Test. In the WV test, all 5 of his sons placed top 27 for Average Daily Gain (ADG) out of 124 bucks with 3 landing in the top 10. Magnum has increased our weaning weights by an average of 5 lbs per goat. He has moved on to another farm because we retained a lot of his genetics.

IMG_0121 (2)_edited.jpg

Bam Bam is the son Magnum. In the WV 2020 Buck Test, he ranked number 1 in ADG and finished 9th overall. He had the thickest non-adjusted REA and was the biggest buck at test end being 8 months old and weighing 122.5 lbs. He had 1 son finishing number 3 for ADG at the WV 2021 Buck Test. We are very pleased with his offspring continuing our quest for a fast growing, thick meaty Kiko while still maintaining parasite resistance. BamBam has moved on and now lives in WV.

WAC Fort Revolver EOSC19 performance buck test top 10 finisher. Son of SLS Fort who was the Top performance buck at EOSC16. Revolver is a good medium framed buck who adds great performance genetics. He had a son place in the top 10 EOSC22 in a very competitive field. We have been very pleased with his overall contributions to our herd. He makes a great cross with our bigger framed does.

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